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Dated: December 22 2020

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I want to confess to my blog readers, I’m not John Grisham, J.K.Rowling , Rick Riordan.I am a regular “Joe” like you scribbling some ideas on this blog, If you see any mistakes in my writing, please forgive me!!.In this blog I want to like give tips to my “For sale by Owners” clients.

I present you a real life example of 2 properties listed at the same time with in 1500 feet apart but one property listed by an agent and one is listed by owner of the property in affluent neighborhood in suburbs of Cincinnati. Both properties are in good condition, has similar home listed by the agent went to pending in 2 days and other home sitting on market. This scenario intrigued me to do some research on “What went wrong?” Remember I’m not defending Agent listed property or FSBO listing here, as neutral observer I am analyzing data/facts(with some assumptions).

During my research, II thought FSBO(For Sale by Owner) listing need improvement in these areas : 1.Social media marketing 2.Open House 3.Pricing strategy 4.Visibility.

Marketing(Social Media) - For the past ten years, Customers shopping behaviors changed due to online shopping. Customers are using brokerage website to browse real estate listings, Social media marketing plays major role to give your FSBO listing an edge compare to traditional marketing. Post your listing on Facebook, Craigslist and other social media platforms. 

Open House - Social media can take your listing to wider audience but “open house” event is helpful in targeting your audience locally(Your neighborhood).Schedule your open house bi-weekly, post “open house” signs in major intersections of your neighborhood. During open house or after open house ask for feedback, this gives you an idea on listing price and your competition.

Pricing strategy - For any asset based transaction, price plays important role. To figure out a listing price for your property , Search active, pending and sold listing for past 1-2 months on brokerage websites and/or other real estate websites. Based on your search and research, list your property for that price.

- If you are using real estate websites to list your property  make sure your contact number and commission(Buyer agent) is visible.You can also use our $500 MLS listing service to get other agents attention.

I love hearing from you about this article, Please share your feedback at you feel listing your property by yourself is too much of hassle and not worth your time,call me at 859-421-0716 or email me at


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