How To Increase Your Zestimate On Zillow

Dated: May 19 2021

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Determining the value of your home can be one Herculean task when it comes to selling a property. Price it too high and you will be stuck with the property for longer without finding a buyer. At the same time, when you price it too low, you risk making a considerable loss.

There is a need to get an accurate estimate; this ensures that you sell your home within a reasonably shorter period and at the same time get the desired profit. There are a number of ways that you can estimate the value of your home, like resorting to the use of agents where they use their skills and expertise to determine the price (run a Comparative Market Analysis.. not rocket science!).

Or you may want to delink your selling process from an agent or a broker and complete the sale on your own. If you opt for this method, you increase your gains since there are no broker fees but, on the flipside, you can have a hard time, especially with some of the complex stages.

However, with proper guidance, you can complete the whole process on your own. Estimating the value of your home can be one of the most complex steps but with tools that can be accessed on the internet, it all becomes easy. One tool that has proven remarkably effective in this process is the Zestimate.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to increase your Zestimate

Before anything else, you need to familiarize yourself with Zillow (Click here to see how to claim your home) – get a list of all the amenities that are provided on the site and carefully check those that apply to your home. You need to ensure that you have indicated all, as each of the amenities will greatly influence the score of your Zestimate. You can put in descriptions of the amenities you have identified, ensuring that you have provided adequate information. For instance, if you have an attic, upon checking it in the box, offer a description of the condition it is in and any features that are likely to attract buyers. Providing such details, and more so when they are factual and up to date, increases the chances of scoring a higher Zestimate.

The more data and facts you have about your home, the higher the chances of increasing the value of the Zestimate. What is not known by most sellers, is that increasing the home Zestimate is not difficult at all. Once Zillow has the accurate and up-to date data, it will calculate the right estimate for your home. Lack of data will result in the tool giving you a valuation that is lower than the actual. When you add missing information, and more so that which is accurate and up to date, you potentially increase the Zestimate value of your home. So, the trick here is to have detailed information of your property and making sure it’s accurate and up to date.

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Quality photos not only go a long way in attracting would-be-buyers but also play a great role when it comes to increasing the Zestimate of your home. Check that you capture photos that provide adequate information. If it is possible, take images that capture the whole house. In an event that you have renovated your home, add this this information. Zillow will use it to entice buyers, and the higher the Zestimate is likely to be. The more professional and detailed the photos are, the higher the chances that the Zestimate algorithms will rate your property highly and so score a higher value.

While providing more information on your Zillow account increases the chances of scoring high in your Zestimate, you need to be real with the data you provide. Nonfactual data can end up seriously harming you and tanking your sale. It is always advisable to be truthful; honesty is a virtue and in few other places does this hold true than in this forum. It may be tempting to exaggerate some of the details so that you can get a higher score but would-be-buyers are more likely to discover this, and it may end up hurting your chances of selling. It could even lead to a lawsuit when a buyer purchases the property only to find that the information that was provided in the description was false or inaccurate.

A Zestimate value for your home places you in a better position to sell your property, especially when you have opted to sell it on your own. Take advantage of the platform and get the most out of your property. And by the way.. we will help you increase your Zestimate and find the right buyers for your home too!

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