Quick Tips To Improve Value

Dated: May 24 2021

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Tips to Increase Your Home's Value

Whether you are months away from listing your home OR weeks away, these quick tips will improve your value and help you sell much faster!

Paint those walls

It’s likely that your home has some wear and tear over the years. A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint will give your home an updated look that buyers are looking for.

  • Patch up nail holes and other dings in your walls

  • Use warm neutral colors such as tangraybeige, or greige with white trim

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Light it up!

It might seem cliché, but lighting is everything. A well-lit room can seem more spacious and even desirable than ones that are dim. Upgrading your lighting is fairly inexpensive and easy to do too.

  • Add new pendants in your kitchen

  • Place lamps in darker areas that don’t have much light

  • Use natural light from windows and skylights when taking photos

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Improve curb appeal

The landscape of your home will be the first impression that you’ll give potential buyers, in-person and online!

  • Power-wash the siding and clean gutters

  • Trim hedges and mow the lawn before taking photos

  • Lay down fresh mulch with newly planted flowers for a more welcoming look

  • Even repaint the front door and/or window shutters for that extra pop!

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Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize

You want to make buyers feel like they are walking into THEIR next home. Pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms because potential buyers certainly will notice over the following weeks of showings.

  • Dirty carpets scream “I need to be replaced!” For $100-$200, you can hire a company like Stanley Steemers to give your carpet a fresh look

  • Your home should be thoroughly clean from top to bottom. For another $100-$200 you can hire a cleaning company or roll up your sleeves and do yourself

  • Remove items like family photos or other personal collections you might own

  • Move items that are taking up floor/counter space into unfinished rooms, attics, the garage or even storage units

Staging Checklist 81 Great Staging Tips Sell Faster by Staging

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Bonus Tip! Virtual Staging

Does staging your home for photos seem like a lot of work? Is your home too cluttered or even vacant? We offer virtual staging and decluttering services that will make your home look move-in-ready!

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