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Dated: June 16 2021

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Marketing Your Home

A compelling online listing is your first, and maybe only, opportunity to entice buyers. Did you know that the average buyer visits 10 homes over a span of 10 weeks before purchasing (NAR, 2020)

You aren't selling a bike on Craigslist, you're selling one of your biggest investments. So put your best foot forward, grab their attention right away, and bring buyers through your door!

So what is Real Estate Marketing? We like to break it down two parts:

1. Quality Content

Content is what can be seen online and buyers want to see as much as they can! You want to make buyers excited enough to come view your home in person.

So what is quality content? Take a look at some of the awesome marketing we provide for our sellers:

HD Photos (Wide-lensed)

Good photographs is a must when selling your home. You are selling one of your biggest investments, so spending the money on a professional is highly advised.. or ya know, let us take care of everything.

Image title

Image title

Image title

Image title


Floorpans like the ones below are becoming more and more popular in real estate marketing. They allow buyers to see layouts in which you don’t get from photos alone.

Image title

Image title

3D Virtual Tours

Photoshop Editing

Instead of hiring a professional stager for thousands of dollars, we can virtually stage your home! Perfect for homes that don’t have furniture or for homes that need decluttered/cleaned. Here is some more of our work we’ve done in the past.

Image title

Image title

Even other agents use our photography/photoshopping services

2. Maxiumum Exposure

Zilllow Listing Booster

After we create a listing with good content, we need to advertise it! The exposure is the number of views you receive on your listing. The more views you receive the higher chance you have to sell your home quick and for top dollar!

As you probably know, buyers are online! In fact, 93% of buyers search online websites for homes. According to Zillow, 4 out of 5 people use their website when searching for homes.

So how do you get online? Here’s how:

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

This is the database that ALL REALTORS use to share their listings. When you are on listed on the MLS, you automatically are featured on popular websites like, Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia! This is the most effective tool for marketing your home.

Image title

Yard Signs - For Local Buyers

Even in the digital age, yard signs are still an extremely effective way to market your property. Since many buyers already live close by, "For Sale" signs are a sure way to grab people's attention. Our highly optimized yard & street signs display an easy-to-remember website (city landing page!) rather than a 10-digit phone number.

It's not rocket science, its real estate marketing.. and it works!

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Every home (and owner) is unique in its own way, but selling a home isn't rocket science! We live in a world where you can access ANYTHING at the tip of your fingers.. even homes for sale. When wo....

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