Safely Conducting An Open House

Dated: May 19 2021

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Open Houses are still a great way to market your home for sale. Since we know that buyers are local, you have a good chance to find them through neighbors, yard signs, and even flyers.

One of the best ways to get people to attend your open house is by posting to Zillow and/or FaceBook. We recommend to post no later than Tuesday or Wednesday to give people enough time to put it on their calendar. Also, Zillow will boost you in its rankings for doing so! 

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During the Showing

Although the buyer is a guest in your home, you want him or her to imagine owning the home. You do not want to make the buyer feel like an intruder, be warm and welcoming. Here are more tips for your open house:

Due to COVID-19, make it mandatory for every visitor to wear a mask!

Don’t pressure or hurry buyers. Tell them to take all the time that they need.

Place hand sanitizer by the entrance 

Be ready to answer questions about your home.

Remove pets if possible

Declutter and clean your home again

Protect your belongings

Set the Mood!

Play soft music to break that awkward silence. If you have a fireplace, turn it on as well!

Play this Track

Enhance with Food

We recommend bottled water and/or a case of soda to go with a light snack. Even bake some cookies to really enhance their visit.

Ask for Feedback

Have buyers fill out their info on a sign in sheet. Simply follow up and ask them what they thought.

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